• Lawra Law

'Forest Cleansing' with the Fairies.

'Forest Cleanse' is one of my illustrations that I feel very connected with as it becomes personal to me. It gives an insight to my spirituality, mental wellbeing and my belief system.

When people look at my artwork they tend to see different things compared to what I would. I always find it really interesting that what I see and try to depict through my art, looks completely different to every individuals eye. This can be very exciting as hearing different interpretations of my work is exhilarating and mind-opening. (I will talk about this in another post so stay tuned). 'Forest Cleanse' has a mild version of this, as you can see that there are abstract creatures flying around the head of my character. Some people see these creatures as fireflies, bugs and other winged lifeforms, but I see them as fairies. Very basic, simplistic imagery of fairies but still my representation of them.

I have always been attracted to fairies from a very young age, whether that is fairy art, objects or aesthetics. If it was magical, I loved it! Needless to say, this trait has followed me through life. I am definitely a believer in fairies and anything magical and wondrous.

'Forest Cleanse's' depiction of fairies is very important as the whole aesthetic of this piece revolves around them, and of course, the forest. As well as a lover of the magical and I am a lover nature. I grew up surrounded by nature, with rivers, woodlands, fields and beautiful gardens. This is so empowering to me and it wasn't until I left the countryside, for a period of time, that I realised that I needed to be in nature for multiple reasons. I found that I craved to be around any form of nature, even the smallest bit, if I was away for too long. Eventually, this desire to be in nature would be overpowering and I would need to take a trip to a wild, natural beauty place to feel myself again.

Nature is a healer! Everything seems better, easier and more clear when I am surrounded by nature. I feel so much more grounded, lighter and happier in the presence of some trees, flowers, grass, mud etc. Anything that came from mother earth I will love it! Whether it is a beach, a mountain or a garden, the earth provides a place for spiritual cleansing. To me, taking a walk in nature, when I feel overwhelmed, worried or burdened, the fairies/nature take a weight of my shoulders and provide me with a spark of hope or light that I need at that moment in time.

You're probably thinking, so where do the fairies come into this? Well it's like this, I have a theory (myself and numerous others who believe this), that fairies help purify your aura and care for you, just as much as they care and protect the earth (fairies are the carers of plants, trees, flowers etc). You don't have to be able to see the fairies to know they are there, you can sense them and their energy. Some of you might say that there is a scientific explanation for nature making people feel better, and maybe there is. There is numerous explanations and viewpoints and every one of them is valid and no one person is right or wrong about the topic. Regardless, this is something I choose believe in. Magic, intuition and spirit. If you know what your core beliefs are, whether that is science, magic or other, well then, you believe it with all your heart and integrity.

Fairies cleanse your aura. This is how you feel better in nature because they are stripping your aura of all negativity and darkness and bringing you (your aura) back to its original colour. Imagine all the air around your body is a dirty black smoke swirling around you and that the fairies come out with their little magical fairy hoovers and clean you all up and leave you sparkling with positivity and euphoria. This is how I feel when I am in nature. The fairies are floating around me like little orbs of energy, picking away my worries and aggravations like berries. They are taking all you're burdens, strives, worries and negativity away from you so you can walk out of that forest and face the world just how you are supposed to. With a little fairy encouragement you can take on anything and become your best self. In a nutshell, nature and fairies help unburden you from mental, emotional and even some physical, turmoil.

I had this illustration brewing in my mind for a period of time but it wasn't until I read, 'Healing with the Fairies' by Doreen Virtue, that my thoughts all fell into place and I felt so encouraged and energised to create this artwork. Doreen Virtue explains everything about the power of nature and fairies so clearly and I resonated with her writing and experiences greatly. I think it is quite intriguing that we share similar ideas on particular topics. Doreen Virtue, throughout the book, states how the fairies told her what to write and wanted her to communicate for them, through her work. Perhaps, in a way, my artwork is telling a similar story for the fairies. To inform people that they exist, that they heal and that we need them as much as they need us. (Fairies, need us to be kinder to the earth. Recycle more, plant more trees, vegetation and flowers, stop destroying the land and oceans etc)

'Forest Cleanse' shows how nature and the fairies help us to be cleansed and unburdened. I feel this everytime I am at a beach or up a mountain, but more than most, in a forest or by a river. I feel lighter on my walk home and whatever troubled me before, somehow, feels clearer and more manageable. I love being surrounded by nature, especially, when I know the fairies have my back and care for me just as much as I care for them.